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Clover combines validated vendor-supplied data, expert specialist market consultancy, user comments, reviews and vendor feedback to provide a holistic view of a vendor’s offerings in our target niches.


We collect 120 data metrics covering technology platform, datacentre topology, processes, accreditations, employees and their roles, client numbers and sizes, UK and global revenues right through to independent financial risk assessments. The raw data is entered into our online portal by the vendor, then validated, combined and cross-analysed in a thorough due diligence audit by our specialist consultants.



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Vendor Report

We produce a detailed report on each vendor's fit to the needs of the target niche. The vendor can review and comment on the clover analysis.


The data is updated regularly by the vendor. Our consultants then update their analysis and issue for the vendor's feedback. Market wide data is also produced to give accurate fact based cloud vendor performance and overall trending reports.